Make it new again


Start with Sandblasting


Finish with Powder Coating

Here at Michigan Sandblasting, Inc., we do quality sandblasting and powder coating for a wide range of products. We provide residential and commercial services to individuals and businesses all throughout Michigan.

In today’s society, the general public tends to throw items away because they are old, dirty, and worn. Little do they know there are many objects that can be made to look good as new through on of our many services. We can restore the look of items ranging from your mailbox to your vehicle, let our team of expert professionals help you make your latest project look good as new.



Sandblasting or blasting is the preferred method for removing rust, scale, and paint from most steel items. It not only cleans the metal, but also prepares the surface achieving different profiles for paint adhesion.

Powder Coating


We offer a full range of professional, custom powder coating solutions for any home, business or industrial need. Our state-of-art facility offers all the latest tools and equipment to ensure the highest quality in powder coating, heat coating, enamel coating and more.

Shot Peening


Shot Peening is a process of shooting various sizes of steel bb’s at designated areas of parts to strengthen the life of such areas. The shot or bb’s realign the surface molecules to stop microscopic cracks from forming.

Cars and Car Parts

Whether you have a classic car, or an engine part we have the experience you good to get the job done right. Start your auto project with sandblasting.  This will leave you with a clean metal surface that is ready for priming and painting.

The most important element to sandblasting is experience. Doing the job right might mean the project takes 5 times as long, but the results are visible. Inexperience can leave you with undesirable results such as damage, and warping. Rebuilding from this damage is much more costly than doing the job correctly the first time around.  We stand behind all of our work.

Home and Garden

Lawn furniture, radiators and vents are among the most common items we sandblast and powder coat. It can be costly to replace those items.  We can take your items and make them just like new all over again!