Michigan Sandblasting offers a full line of abrasive blasting media for Sandblasting Equipment. We have been supplying the midwest with blasting media for over 40 years, and now we are shipping all over the nation. The quality and purity of your media is important to the success of the job.

We offer the products below and much more. If there is something you do not see below please call for more information on our full line.

Walnut Shell

A good choice when paint has to be removed from thin gauge metals.

This media does not generate heat so it will not warp the metal. Allowing for paint removal from car shells, doors, hoods, deck lids, and other thinner gauged metals.



Soda Blast


Glass Bead

A spherical media best used for polishing or achieving a satin like finish on most metals.

It does its best when used on aluminum or stainless to disguise weld discoloration when a uniform finish is required. This media can also be used in some cases to remove rust from machined surfaces without compromising current tolerances.