How much to sandblast my garage?


How much to sandblast my car?


How much to powder coat my rims?

Many factors impact the pricing of a job at Michigan Sandblasting.  The short answer is that our premium sandblasting and powder coating services cost $100 per hour.  Pricing of each job is done by either the Owner, or the Director of Operations. 

There are many things we will need to know about an item and job in order to give you an accurate quote.  In order to receive a fast quote, please review the information below prior to contacting us.  We will need this information in order to provide a quote.

  • We will ask if it is the whole item, or just parts of the item.
  • The dimensions of the item.
  • Take pictures if you do not plan to bring the item into the shop for a quote.
  • Detail any obstructions or challenges to the job.
  • Know approximately how much rust is on the item.
  • We will ask the kind of application, if any, that currently cover the item; for example, new steel, liquid paint, powder coated, etc.
  • Select a powder coating color. You can view available colors on our Powder Coating page.
  • We recommend projects are disassembled as much as possible prior to drop off. If your item can not be 100% disassembled we will need details related to that task so that we can discuss options.
  • For powder coating services, remove anything that cant withstand 400 degrees. If there is anything you will need us to remove we will request that you provide details.
  • Old or rusty items are subject to breaking during disassembly.  With decades of experience we take all precautionary measures. However, in many cases when disassembling an item, we can not take on responsibility damage during that process.

If you would like a quote please call, email, or stop in. We are here to help!

We want to hear from you. If you have any questions or concerns please give us a call:

(313) 533-0405